Nokia 801 T: A terminal exclusively for the Chinese market

Since Nokia reached its agreement with Microsoft to develop Windows Phone smartphones business strategy clearly separated into two-way high-end phones would work with the operating system from Redmond, while Symbian phone would be low cost, terminals with which target emerging markets.

Nokia 801T is a smartphone that the Finnish company will launch exclusively in China with Anna Symbian operating system and NFC. Want to know more?

Nokia 801 T
The 801T is a Smartphone without great benefits, but highlighted by a distinctive feature. Going by the parties, the Smartphone has a four-inch display with HD resolution and works with the Symbian operating system 3. It weighs 170 grams and has a front camera for video conferencing, and a rear 8-megapixel with dual LED flash.

Apart from this, the handset features GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 8 GB of internal memory and as we said a distinguishing feature. What? Module incorporates a telescoping antenna and Mobile TV. This feature, which in Spain would have little future if it appears that China may have much pull, and therefore the Finnish brand has included it on your Smartphone.

Thus, the 801T can not get into the European market if you liked a lot, but what is clear is that Nokia has revived its business strategy, good news for the world of telephony, he missed Finnish manufacturer.

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