15 questions that help you define your goals and challenges

Sometimes it happens that you ask yourself: "Why am I doing this?"

This question can apply to many things in your daily life

  • Why I stay with this company?
  • Why do I do this job?
  • Why do I stay against my will go to those meetings?
  • Why do I sit in this relationship?
  • Are these still the right friends for me?

Sometimes you quickly answer this question above and you can give a new twist to certain things in your life. Sometimes it is not easy and you should take the time to quietly think and what to get serious self-examination.

Below is a list of questions that maybe you can get to work

  1. Is this something I still want to do?
  2. Is this something I want to do, or is it an expectation of someone else?
  3. Accordingly, in the interest of myself and / or in the interest of my family?
  4. This helps me a better person?
  5. Would this be better done by someone else could be? Can I then go?
  6. Is this a part of a larger goal?
  7. Why is it so important result for me?
  8. Is the expected result does not conflict with my principles?
  9. This is also important in 5 years? Or within 10 years?
  10. This brings me in the direction I want to continue?
  11. Does this make a positive difference for me or anyone else
  12. Why did I do this?
  13. Does this decision in my life plan?
  14. Does this decision with my other current goals?
  15. Is this still as important as it was in the beginning?

These questions help you in making the right decision

Do you have questions and methods you use to come to the right decisions? Share your opinion with other readers.

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