8 steps to negative thoughts into positive beliefs

We can always choose to perceive things Differently. You can focus on what's wrong in your life or you can focus on what's right. –

You are responsible for your own reality. You can view a given situation or period in your life, on 2 ways: either you see the positive side, either you see only the negative side. The 'glasses' with which you are viewing this situation is almost always colored by your way of thinking. Positive thoughts attract other positive thoughts. On the other hand, negative thoughts contribute to a feeling of dissatisfaction and disappointment. Therefore it is very important to your negative thought to convert. Here are some general patterns of thinking. Becoming aware of these patterns is essential and necessary to your negative thoughts into positive beliefs.

1. Stay away from "all-or-nothing" thinking

If we get lost in the "all-or-nothing" thinking, we see things in black and white perspective, with little room for the things in between. By something more "gray" thinking, we get a fresher perspective that shows us that more opportunities exist.

To an emotionally healthy life, our emotions are nicely balanced. Words as always, never, impossible, terrible and perfect are rigid and leave little room for interpretation or for flexible thinking. If you have something more alive and thinks from the center, you have already put a first step in a more balanced way of thinking (and life).

2. Avoid the temptation to over-generalize

About generalization is the thing that makes that if 1 thing goes wrong or wrong, that you believe or think that everything that follows is also doomed to failure.

You never listen to me.
Everyone thinks I'm stupid.
She always thinks she's right.
I always get the boring chores chosen.

Words like never, always, everybody ... are popular with this way of thinking. Actually, over-generalization in a different way of negative thinking. Think again about your words and reformulate you think. Try the circumstance in a positive way to see. "You never listen to me" you can reframe to "I have found you not now listen to me, there are enough moments that you have paid attention." This reframing is probably nearer the truth and less exaggerated. That other person will feel more inclined to think about your opinion then when you say "You never listen to me."

3. What do you prefer? Equal or happiness?

I know someone who is very stubborn. And sometimes he must pay the price. Because of his stubbornness, he misses opportunities to certain things from another angle. For this person it is important to be right than to whose inner reassurance to experience. (Happiness). The need to be right creates more negative thoughts because we (unconsciously) resist the question out there in the first place. For inner peace and happiness, it is sometimes necessary to get everything behind us, things of you off.

4. Change your mental filter

If we are not careful, can persistent pessimism habit be. Chronic negative thinking is the way you look at things. The glass is then always half-empty. You can change your mental filter by positive thoughts order. Try to see the good of every opportunity or event. The long queue at the supermarket might be a good opportunity to talk with you child / partner to chat. This stressful time at work may be the trigger to take a closer look at your own whose inner strength. The proverb "with lemons make lemonade" is the perfect reminder to reflect on your own mental filter.

5. Wait for your decisions

If you are confronted with an unpleasant event, please take the time to breathe deeply. Take a step back, oversee the entire situation and try to get the full picture view. Ask yourself "What is the rest of the story." See your story or situation through the eyes of the other party. This way you can reduce your own negative thinking.

6. Stop using "I"

Because often the words "I" to use your judgment actually very negative about your own actions and behavior.

I'd better have more time to spend with my family.
I would more often by my parents to go long.
I would be eating healthier.

With this "Should" statements suggest you make that your current condition or status is not enough or sufficient. These are negative thoughts that you keep away from the positive mindset. With this "would be" way of thinking, you limit yourself to the other solutions to see.

7. Become aware of your emotional thought

Who knows Spock, the character from Star Trek? Whatever the situation, he always thinks logically and rationally. Fortunately we are not all so. We use our emotions as we think. Yet it happens that we react emotionally, especially when we are dealing with a confrontational situation with our little lace. It is very important to know that you, in spite of this confrontation is certainly not inferior. It just means that you, just that short time, have a certain mentality. This attitude does not stipulate your whole personality. This sounds a bit harsh, but not everything revolves around you.
Fear, suspicion and a little amount of uncertainty worry sometimes that we are convinced that the reaction of others, directly applicable to ourselves. If someone in your workplace comment on your work, then that is probably well founded. Your work can be adapted and improved. It does NOT say that YOU must change.

8. Stop looking through magnifying glass

You have perception (perception, a look at something) and you have reality. As these two begin to change, the negative thoughts start to come. A good way to get both feet on the ground to stand for a situation to watch as she really is, instead of your feelings. If you have a situation through the magnifying glass, then give you increase the problem, you will ensure that the situation or the problem is even bigger than it actually is.

Celebrate the good things happen to you. Ignore or minimize them not very. Setback, a failure, and other obstacles you can not avoid. They are part of life. Therefore you do on days that everything goes well, enjoy the things. How small they are, appreciate it. Like attracts like. Positive thoughts and happiness to attract the same.

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