Events that you should not miss in 2012

Do you want the year 2012 traveling through? No problem, this year there is anywhere in the world plenty to see and do make a few special trips in the diary. The new year is full of events that you should not miss. Travel Calendar for you put them in a row.

Titanic, 100 years later

April 15, 1812 the Titanic sank with all its consequences. History was written when this so-called unsinkable ship was built. Unfortunately, the Titanic's maiden voyage never finish. 100 years after the tragic accident, two cruise ships the same route to New York. The ships will operate from Cobh in southern Ireland leave and sail along the spot where the Titanic went down 100 years ago to commemorate the victims. A wonderful experience to experience.


London was a huge attraction, with typical sights, rich history and beautiful shopping streets. This year there is a reason why you should travel to London in 2012 and another year later, namely the Olympics. The games take place from July 27 to August 12 and provide the perfect opportunity for both the sports and the city view. This combined with the summer temperatures will be a memorable month.


Are you planning to end of 2012 to travel to Australia? Make sure that you are 14 November to Cairns for a total solar eclipse observation. There are several organized cruises to the solar eclipse without obstacles to admire. Afterwards there will be great celebrations and performances by famous artists place so it's definitely worth a mid-November which direction to travel.

Shakespeare shows

Another reason to go to London when you're a lover of Shakespeare. There will be a major exhibition held in the British Museum. From July 19 t / m 25 November you will include prints, drawings and paintings, coins, tools, medals and other objects may perceive that Shakespeare in his time used to create the pieces in the 21st century we still admire.

The end of the world nigh?

It is expected that the number of tourists in Mexico the end of 2012 will be considerably higher than previous years. Why? The end of time is near, at least, the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 keep it up. It is expected that 50 million people travel to Mexico where you can learn more about the Mayans and where they end 2012 in the city of Tapachula can countdown to the last day on earth. Whether the predictions are correct is another question. There will be at least enough partying for you here to the fullest.

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