Google Chrome will be released for Android?

According to a post on the message board code Chromium, Google Chrome browser is being aimed for Android phones. Chromium revision log indicates that all the features available in desktop versions of Google Chrome will be available in later versions of Android. But exactly when the browser is released remains unknown. Google browser Chrome is a browser three numbers of the most widely used in the world, behind Mozilla Firefox.
Google Chrome for Android
Google will be released its browser on the Android Market, Google Chrome, or whether this will come as the default browser every Android device? This application is called skia supports 2D graphics library that is being developed by Google. As you know Google is expected to give a big surprise on October 11 in conjunction with Samsung, which is likely to introduce Ice Cream Sandwich and Google phone Nexus Prime. So there is a chance Google will also include Google's Chrome on Android version of this event.

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