How do i unzip a RAR file?

RAR file
Unpack the RAR file is not a difficult thing. Read these tips and you will be able to see the contents of any "mysterious" RAR file.

Step 1

Download the latest version of Internet WinRAR.

Step 2

As I have already installed the newly downloaded program, open it.

Step 3

Locate the directory on disk where you store all the RAR files and double click it.

Step 4

Select the first file from the top. Double-click it to see if it is a movie file, or file is in a different format. If you want to unzip the file (no matter what format it is) directly to disk, you will need VCDGear or ISOBuster.

Step 5

To unzip the file, click on the icon 'Extract to' (‘extract to'). Or click on Commands> Extract to.

Step 6

Each of these Steps will cause a new window opens' extraction path and options ". If your file is corrupted or incomplete, check the 'Keep broken files'.

Step 7

May receive one of two warning windows.

1st The first warns us against the questionable authenticity of the file, and is a signal that the file may be corrupted. You will need to test the file. You may receive a warning too, which says that the file 'r01' is corrupt. This is a big problem. If you jumped 'Par Files' high time to use the SmartPar and heal damaged files. Just close WinRAR and use the SmartPar follow carefully all the commands until you complete the repair files.
2nd Second warning window will tell you that the files you want to unpack is incomplete. Use SmartPar to recover lost files (if possible) or the SFV to evaluate which files are missing. Return to WinRAR to finish this work.

Step 8

If everything goes your way, you'll see that you have created a new directory. You will find in it a file, which you do.

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