How to convert Doc to PDF file?

PDF is now standard when it comes to exchange files on the network. This format is convenient because it preserves the formatting, regardless of the environment in which it is opened. Convert any file to PDF is very simple. You can be done in many ways. Here are two of them: by using a virtual PDF printer and thanks to Google Docs (for all who have an account on Google).

Step 1.

Method one: Download and install a virtual PDF printer. It will allow you to create PDF files from many different file formats (including the doc). A suitable program can be found eg at:

Step 2.

After installing the program you will see that in your system you will get an additional printer. Do not worry that, because it is a virtual printer, designed exclusively to create PDF files.

Step 3.

Open the document you want to convert. From the "File" menu, select "Print". Of the available printers, select a virtual printer. Then click "Print" button and enter the output file name and location where you want to be saved. Your document will be converted to PDF.

Step 4.

Method Two: Log into your Google account and go to the Documents (

Step 5.

Now upload the file you want to convert by clicking "Upload" and then "Select files to upload" and indicating the path to a file on disk.

Step 6.

Click "Start upload" and wait until the file is sent to the server.

Step 7.

Click on the file name. It will be opened in Google Docs.

Step 8.

From the "File" menu, select "Download as ..." and select the option "PDF". A window will appear to download the converted file. Click OK. The file will be downloaded to the default location.

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