How to check IP address of your computer?

ip address
Each computer on your network has its own unique IP address, so that could be identified. Often there is a need to determine your IP address or other parameters needed for network configuration (eg, gateway address and DNS server). Here I will briefly describe how to check these parameters in Windows.

Step 1.
In the Start menu, select Run.

Step 2.  
Window appears like the figure.

Step 3.
In the "Open" box, type the command: cmd and press enter.

Step 4.
You'll see a black box with the cursor flashing system on the command line.

Step 5.
To check the IP address of your computer, type in the command prompt: ipconfig and press enter.

Step 6.
If you are interested in more detailed data such as default gateway address, DNS server if the MAC address of your network card, at the command prompt type the command: ipconfig / all and press enter.

Step 7.
When you already get all the data you need, close the window system or a cross on the command line, type the command: exit.

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