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Samsung Galaxy Xcover is a new resistant smartphone for sports and wildlife people and craftsman who also appreciate the delicate but masculine design. Previously, new mobile phones built to withstand the vagaries of nature done this at the expense of design, but Samsung shows Galaxay Xcover this is far from obvious. Certainly it has a slightly edgy (read masculine) appearance, but this does not mean ugly design, when you consider that Xcover is IP67 certified, Ie. it can withstand shock, noise, snow, and is waterproof, this is also perfectly acceptable. We have made a review and test the innards as well as the exterior features of this craftsman mobile to find out about Galaxy Xcover now is worth protecting.

A masculine design

Smartphone, with its 122 x 66 x 12 mm is not as great as you might expect. And with a weight of only 116 g is not so heavy that it becomes impractical. Using one senses quickly that this is an enhanced smartphone. This by several of the physical buttons is harder to press by most other smartphones. For example, on-off button something fierce and microUSB port at the bottom as well as jack port on top is protected with plastic to ensure smartphone from water down to one meter for 30 minutes at a time. The same goes for the Home, Menu and Back. The plastic is resistant to frighten and the same applies to shield made of the so-called Gorilla glass. The plastic is rough and gnubret so it is more securely in your hand. We gave Galaxy Xcover a decent shock on the side without any effect. Also to be sinking into the water with it. This Samsung Galaxy Xcover our test of how tough it actually is in reality - a good start!

Screen size is with its 3.65 "entirely satisfactory without being impressive. Bill Hunt is the quality of 320 x 480 and is thus far from the top of the market smarphones. Color volume is 16M, but this simply is not enough to give a clear, colorful and satisfying picture. But in contrast, unsharp and dull image. It should prove to be a general problem with this smartphone to view the page is not worth writing home about. For example, take the built-in camera only images with a resolution of 3.2 MP and VGA video recording. The 3.2 MP is simply too far from what other modern smartphones come with, and factored Mon that you are shooting in the countryside will only be frustrated with this rather weak camera. The camera does come with geotagging, then you're in the wilderness without exact coordinates, you should not be in doubt when you come home to where you took your pictures. Also included with an LED flash, however, keep you safe from impossible light conditions and acts as a flashlight. The video recorder is in itself a fine quality, without in any way to impress. On the plus side should be mentioned that the screen responds well to touch and even supports multi-touch function.

A different Android mobile

Samsung Galaxy Xcover published by the excellent operating system, Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This ensures a nice flowing experience when you jump around from menu to smartphone features and apps. The user interface is Samsung's own TouchWiz and again it should be mentioned that it is certainly not impressive in appearance. Xcover but provide a social hub that helps to connect your social media and contact data. Your contact information is thus synchronized with social services like email, facebook and twitter and it is thus easy to keep track of them. It is all controlled by a 800MHz processor, which in strength are far from high-line models are currently running dual-core. That said, it seems however as if Samsung has nevertheless come a powerful engine in this smartphone, we experienced no lagging or other problems during testing.

If you're the type who appreciates a larger music library, dowload apps, take photos and shoot movies, you'll even find out that the built-in memory is not sufficient. Xcover comes with a paltry 150MB and 512 MB RAM, which, however, you have the option to upgrade by buying microSD up to 32GB. The smartphone also has FM radio.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover takes network connectivity seriously. It operates with quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE as well as tri-band HSPA allowing downloading strength of 7.2 Mbps and 5.76 Mbps for upload. The network connection is Cover equipped with stereo Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi (b / g / n). For cable connection is possible for USB 2.0 jack stickers for you to connect your own headphones if you are the type who appreciates good sound. The browser is working correctly and the screen is also large enough to not fret, as opposed to market smaller smartphones. One problem is that Samsung has added Adobe Flash, which makes you lose the ability to play movies from several websites. The interface is simple done with URL bar top and bookmarks at the bottom. URL bar disappears when you zoom into the screen and you will have it back you have to scroll up the top again. Pressing the menu button there will be six digital buttons appear. These shows go forward, rewind, renew ago etc. From here you can also copy text, search, etc... Bookmarks also show the most visited pages. All in all, screen size, as mentioned, satisfactory, but this pup-up system can be irritating to use which pulls down the overall assessment of surfing experience.

Included apps might be better suited to outdoor ideals that underlie this smartphone, but it comes with are fine, and after that it is indeed an Android driven phone, there is reasonable opportunity to go on digital purchases. The included apps are classic and an absolute minimum for a new smartphone. These counts include calendar, calculator, file manager, Notes app, Google maps, GPS navigation and games.

This is certainly not the market's first attempt to create a smartphone that can withstand the challenging needs, and we are accustomed to the India weather should be pretty well satisfied with the various manufacturers' attempts to satisfy this particular audience. But Samsung release is not equally well from their experiments with this smartphone. On the plus side is designed, it fits comfortably in your hand and lives up to its promise of durability. Furthermore the operating system Android Gingerbread is a pleasure. The size and weight of Xcover is not too large, an important detail because it is used for the active person. At the same time around include the relatively large screen is a plus. But the quality of the screen, the small camera, the low bundled storage draws down and puts the smartphone in a mediocre position. Since this Samsung Galaxy Xcover is far from the market's most expensive models, it is more acceptable images are relatively small in nature, but we write shortly year 2012, and this is on the verge of not being acceptable - not to mention the camera with only 3.2 MP.

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