Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich Smartphone

Introduction to Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus

Then came the first smartphone with the new Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich operating system on the market. This is a great release for the hard-core high-tech geeks. This release is due Icecream Sandwich been expected as one of this year's highlights for Smartphone Releases. In addition to the Nexus series has a habit of putting milestones on the smartphone market, so expectations for this are high. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a promise of a breakthrough smartphone and we therefore expect a number of updates in hardware, while we are excited about what the new operating system makes the user experience. We examine here a closer look at what's changed, what it means for the user experience and Galaxy Nexus' other qualities and possible.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Design

It meets only close attention to this smartphone is the giant screen on the entire 4.65 "and the huge size of this smartphone (135.5 x 67.94 x 8.94 mm). Manufacturers seem to have a fetish for creating large smartphones these days, you have small pockets can be a problem to include the latest smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer Samsung.

The new iPhone 4s feels pretty small next to this, and this is despite the fact that iPhone 4S (115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm) were also not exactly a mini model. So you put compactness of everything else, you might as well stop reading here. But despite this Nexus actually quite thin and lies as a result of it pretty well in hand. This is also due to the back is made to plastic, with the Hyper Skin, which ensures that it does not slip so easily out of hand. The biggest criticism of the design is just that Samsung Galaxy Nexus shell is made entirely of plastic which makes it not feel quite as exclusive as it should. At the same time this is destined to pull its weight down. The physical buttons are conveniently mounted on the side of the phone. For example, the standby button located right at your thumb (unless you are right handed - left to take over the index fingers that role). Below the screen are no physical buttons as there are on other Android-driven smartphones, this is due Ice Cream Sandwich work exclusively with digital touch-screen buttons. On the right side, are the on-off button and the left volume? At the bottom there is jack port and microUSB port. At the rear there 5MP camera. AMOLED display is superb. It has a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with a pixel density of 316 dpi. This gives you an excellent detailed, crisp and not the least colorful experience. Picture page is without doubt one of Nexus' strengths and even in sunlight you can see the picture, albeit not as clear as in shadow.

The control system

The new Icecream Sandwich operating system is built on Android OS Honeycomb normally used for tablet. Then you are accustomed to using a Honeycomb tablet is Icecream Sandwich just to get started with. Have not used the Honeycomb before, there are a few things to confer honorary, but they are easily affordable. As with previous Android operating systems, there are several home screens which you can place your app shortcuts, etc. A new feature for Android, you can create folders for your apps and transfer your apps by simply dragging them in. As mentioned, there are no physical buttons below the screen, just like the Honeycomb tablets, and this is thanks Icecream Sandwich. The navigation buttons for Home, Back, Menu, etc. Is therefore a part of the interface and at the bottom of the screen when you turn on your smartphone. On the way they record anyway screen space as physical buttons would have done, but space is still plentiful on this large screen. The display's large size will be so exhausted when you for example play video. Notifications are now transparent and it is now possible to remove them quickly with a simple swipe. Settings application has been simplified for the general user's benefit. Generally speaking this Android update is fantastic and far more simple and intuitive. The user interface has also received a cosmetic surgery. Occurs virtually no delays or lagging, and generally, we saw no commands, browsing, movie playback, recordings app usage etc that were too demanding for the Galaxy Nexus. The processor is of course a big finger in the pie here. This is a dual-core 1.2 GHz, actually the same as Samsung Galaxy S.


Another achievement is that what was earlier called contacts. Now this app is called People and the picture of your contacts now fill the most and again is designed simplistically. Calling lets now do with one touch, which you annoying enough, going out for up to three pressure before.


The camera is unfortunately only 5 MP; we had expected a somewhat higher resolution of a new smartphone going to be a high-line model. Despite this, the Nexus actually quite good pictures with ease color saturation and sharpness to the 5 MP is a real criticism. The camera has a variety of more or less practical features for the most part work flawlessly (ISO control and a range of macro-settings etc.). We experienced a little trouble with panorama effect. You take panoramic images by running the camera over a given horizon and then connect the smartphone so that even the pictures it takes. The effect has been seen before, but unfortunately "sew" Nexus no pictures together properly, so it becomes all too clear where the boundary between frames yesterday and image quality are simultaneously blurred. There are of course also possible to record video as it does with 1080p. And just as style images look this generally true good. It is both sharp and there are plenty of colors. Many smartphone cameras have trouble going from dark to bright environments, but this is not a problem for the Galaxy Nexus.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with the excellent Icecream sandwich browser. Scrolling, zoom, etc. works quickly and flawlessly. Pages open and close quickly and smoothly and the pleasure of surfing on such a large screen, with such a solution is so amazing. Immediately supported Adope flash unfortunately not because it has not been updated for Icecream Sandwich yet, but do not worry, it will be supported in the soon future. A clever new feature is that you can save web pages so you can watch them offline later. Regarding context, we experienced no problems and Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes indeed with all the latest available connection tools on the market such as: Wi-Fi b / g / n / a, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, MHL. Downloading and uploading is also lightning fast.

Before we finish with the overall ruling, we also just round the battery life and call quality. Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes with a 1750mAh battery that apparently can run for up to 8.20 hours on call, and a standby time of more than 1 day.

Watch videos of Samsung Galaxy Nexus in action:

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