Android malware with root access remotely

There is new malware detected on Google's Android operating system. The malware seems to be very harmful because they get root access on Android phones.

The Android malware reached last year even though the head and was then named Legacy Native (Lena). Meanwhile, the malware back for a second round. The big difference with the first attack on Android phones is that Lena herself now also root access can provide, even remotely.

The version on the Internet last year wandering emerged as a normal application where the user should first give its approval before any malicious commands to be executed. If this occurred unexpectedly, Lena could gather information to then send it to remote servers.

The new version of Lena uses a weakness which has been known as Ginger Break. Its weakness is obtained root access to an Android device. There is no explicit user action need to install Lena. If the malware is installed, Lena can perform all sorts of packages and the user does not notice, with all its consequences.

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