How do you keep it fun when you're traveling with friends?

You want desperately for years a long journey. Now you finally have the step to put this plan to continue now comes question two: are you going to travel alone or you leaving with a friend (s) abroad? If you decide together with one or more people to travel, then these tips for you.

Natural selection

If you do not like traveling alone, begin in your head to make a selection of friends with whom you would like to go on vacation. Do not start with the first boy or girl the best way that you barely know. We prefer to travel with someone you know well enough so that you know what you have in your travel companion. This will irritate not high.

Setting expectations

Discuss what is the purpose of your journey. If one would like the whole day at the beach and the other prefers to lie all day, climbing, you know immediately that you should not leave together.


Look what both of you to spend. To make it clear it is wise to this by category to calculate. How much money is there to eat? Do you buy the ingredients at the local supermarket and then home to cook or be eaten much outside the door? How much money is for transportation? Will you fly a lot or you grab the bus? How much money is reserved for the night? There are many things you need to consider the budget and to create the fastest the biggest fights. Avoid this by making clear agreements. Put it down on paper so if need this later to be watched for, should you have forgotten it.

Go your own way

If you are already on vacation and you discover that you're talking about some activities can not agree, do your own thing. When you spend all day sitting closely together it is obvious that you are after a few weeks together get irritated. It is therefore good to every now and then to plan a day for yourself and your own thing. Would you like snorkeling and the other bikes? No problem. These are also two activities that you can book through an organization so that you can do this with a group. So you meet new people and have each other at the end of the day a lot to say.


Please note each other's rhythm. Perhaps the one used for around 7 o'clock in the morning already showered and meet a new day to start while the other prefers to 1 hour in bed beneath. If you desperately want to holiday together, make a clear agreement and take along an alarm clock. Be aware of each other and be flexible. No requirement that the other will have to get up at 7 am but go for 9 hours. Thus there is both persons account and can be enjoyed most of the day.

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