World's most remarkable beaches

A lovely day at the beach can be a godsend after a hectic day. If you head on vacation in a sunny location, the beach is often a destination that is not being beaten. The beaches in this list are just not so much also of the water to enjoy, but more to see how remarkable they are.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

When you are on Harbour Island you must look twice before you realize. Is the sand really pink? Yes! The color is caused by small pieces of coral that mix with the white sand. The pink sand beaches occur along the entire east coast of Harbour Island for. The clear blue sky and the beautifully colored and clear waters make this island a picture to look at and a dream to be here.

Glass Beach, California

This beach shows how mother nature can make waste an attraction. Glass Beach was once a place where waste was dumped. Until 1960, they threw everything at this beach and the ocean, even cars and kitchen appliances. After it was banned the sea seemed to be recycled and made all smooth glass shards and a few months after they were washed again, making the beach a beautiful shimmer in the sunlight. The first weeks were these glass shards collected by passersby, but this is now prohibited.

Papakolea, Hawaii

Hawaii has some special islands to offer. You get not bored with all the beauty that is found. But the sandy white beaches are not everywhere. There is a beach called Papakolea beach where the sand is colored green. From afar, resemble the great grass plains but in reality they are small, green colored olivine crystals that are formed by a volcanic explosion 10,000 years ago. These crystals are heavier than the rest of the volcanic materials, which ultimately only the crystals are left behind. Over the years the number of crystals which reduce the green color changed to gray, but that will not happen within the next 100 years. There is plenty of time to this beautiful beach with your own eyes to admire.

Chandipur, India

This sea has a remarkable habit. It may just be that one day you have wonderful swimming and the next day come back for a second dive. Look just do not be surprised if the sea suddenly disappeared. What do we mean? Exactly that. The water is literally gone. Or does it only seem so?
It is quite normal at Chandipur, the water suddenly withdraws 5 km and then slowly return. On the beach then you will also be able to see a stray cat. But do not worry, the water always goes back.

Rainbow Beach, Australia

Want some more color in your life? Go to Rainbow Beach. On Frasies Island (the world's largest sand island) you will find the rainbow colors on the stunning cliffs. It looks almost edible out so bright and colorful, the rainbows are.

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