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Job Interview

It is not to specify exactly how you should conduct an interview and what you would have to withdraw. This is because each function and each employer is different and have different demands on the candidates. Yet there are some general tips that can help you call in your interview. Below is an overview.

Not only is the interview

Focus your attention not only on the interview itself, but also the rest of the company. Leave a good impression with the receptionist and other employees of the company. It may well be that their impression is taken into account in assessing the candidates. Moreover, it is your future colleagues.

Talk respectfully about your former employer

Perhaps you have very bad experiences with your previous employer. Yet it is not advisable that too much hinted. This allows the interview to give the impression that you will soon be over as the new employer can let go. Do you want to do anything about lost, then try to talk about in terms of differences. For example, that you regretted that certain things were not possible with the previous employer and new employer that you are so appealing because those things are possible here. Such as working part-time or opportunity to grow within the company.

Prepare for the FAQ

Obviously, during a job you geprek many questions are asked, because they want more information on your resume, and because the employer wants to know what the company does to you. It is very useful to advance thinking about the answers to these questions during the interview so you do not have to think too much. Most questions are:
  • Why have you applied for this job?
  • What do you expect from this company?
  • Why did you quit your last job?
  • Why you should choose this job?
  • Name your two best and two worst characteristics you.
  • What speaks to you in this position?
  • How would you describe ex-colleagues?
Many questions will be made on the basis of your resume. This fact is often used to guide the interview taken. Be also prepared for questions about gaps in your CV or unfinished study.
Depending on the function may also be that a case study is presented and that you want to know how you would act in such a case.


A good preparation for questions to come is important. But the opposite is also important that you have questions. This shows you the interview well prepared and that you are interested in the company. Questions you might ask for example are:
  • Is it a new function within the company or do I replace someone else?
  • How many colleagues working in the department where I come to work?
  • Are there opportunities to attend courses or training?
  • How is the atmosphere in the department?
  • When the last interview conducted?
Show that you have prepared well. Ask no questions that you might know the answer. For example, what your business is and how many people in total work.

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