Tips to keep you beautiful swimwear

You want your bikini or swimsuit last long. But sometimes the colors fade quickly and shows your swimsuit abrasion. Below you will read a few tips to help your swimsuit or bikini as long as you keep nice.

Sun block

Be careful with sunscreen. Some fabrics and images can discolor when exposed to sun cream. It is convenient to you half an hour before the sun starts to smear. After half an hour the cream revoked and you can pick up again swimsuit or bikini.


By swimming in chlorinated pools can quickly discolor swimwear, especially when the sun is shining there again. Are you someone who draws daily laps in the pool? Put this in a cheaper sporty swimsuit and keep your beautiful swimsuit for the beach or in the sun.

Washing your swimwear

Rinse your swimsuit or bikini after swimming as soon as possible. This will remove the already most of the chlorine and salt. Wash your swimsuit with the hand with a mild detergent and cold water. You can usually swimwear in the washing machine (note the label!), But opt ​​for a delicate cycle and use a mild detergent. Wash your swimsuit in no case with an ordinary machine was spotted them.

Drying your swimsuit or bikini

Wring your swimsuit does not matter, but hang it in a place where it can drip out quietly. That really does not take long. If this is not outside you can hang it over the shower rail or on a shelf above the bath.


Do you have any tips or questions about the care of your swimsuit? Post a comment!

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